About JWiz

Jwiz is an established company since 1989 with experience in the field of online advertising, referral services and marketing solutions. JWiz offers its employees permanent employment with the option of promotion, personal development and above all, stability.

We provide all our employees the optimal conditions for success and advancement as expected from a highly reputable, internationally renowned business. After successfully passing a personal interview, candidates are trained and receive personal guidance which lasted throughout their employment. Our pay scale consists of a base salary plus a percentage as well as weekly and monthly bonuses. In some instances we offer additional compensation of housing and a car.

Thanks to our consistent work methods and a fantastic product that we believe in, we have enjoyed consistent growth and expansion.

JWiz Profile

JWiz is a highly reputable company. Its experience, expertise and professionalism are in accordance with all American standards. We are, by far, the largest Jewish media company, in the U.S. We are proud to boast record high ranking in customer service and over 85% customer retention (repeat customers). We currently have more than 80,000 satisfied customers nationwide.

JWiz's management headquarters is in Queens, New York. It houses the graphics, customer service and accounting departments.

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